FS² for SAP

Award-Winning Suite for Financial Process Automation

Serrala’s comprehensive FS² solution suite automates processes across the entire universe of payments. Our order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, and cash and treasury, as well as data and document management solutions optimize all processes around inbound and outbound payments and related finance processes. The FS² solution suite is SAP Certified and 100% embedded within your SAP system landscape, whether you use SAP S/4HANA or previous SAP systems such as SAP ECC, to deliver increased process efficiency, payment security, fraud prevention, compliance, transparency and cash visibility.

Discover below the individual FS² modules that can be flexibly combined. In combination with our cloud-based solutions Alevate that supports multiple ERP systems you can create a hybrid model that scales to your requirements.


FS² AutoBank

Intelligent Cash Application

FS2 AutoBank automates your cash application by matching incoming payments against open accounts in high-speed and thereby optimizing your reconciliation process and contributing to your overall cash visibility. The solution decreases manual efforts to highest possibility throughout all your departments and fully integrates with your current SAP environment – on premise, in the cloud or both!

FS² AutoBank lowers the manual in-put process over 95% on the customer level with hit rates at 80–95% on the invoice level peaking to 98%. All payment information is seamlessly integrated into the process and available for matching purposes and research in SAP, allowing condensed processing times and streamlined work processes.


FS² AccountStatement

Powerful Account Statement Management

FS2 AccountStatement automates and streamlines the processing of bank statements, effortlessly converts any file format, including international structures and enables straight-through processing (STP). FS2 AccountStatement spearheads with superior speed and efficiency, optimizing and securing your account statement management and making your processes future-proof thanks to high-end technology and automation.

Take advantage of FS² AccountStatement’s unique ability to utilize SAP data, including multiple SAP systems, additional information from various ERP systems and other sources. All of your data is seamlessly presented with expedient drill-down functionality and easy-to-access monitoring features configured by you and your end users.


FS² Credit

Effective Risk Management

FS² Credit empowers you to make accurate credit decisions in less time, by conducting highly automated risk analyses while keeping a watchful eye on customer accounts. Achieve optimized collaboration between sales and credit management with quick and systematic customer credit ratings and monitor portfolio trends by automating as many activities as possible.

FS² Credit reduces customer on-boarding process time by up to 90% and boost credit analyst productivity by 30% enabling greater application scrutiny.


FS² Collections

Efficient Collection Management

FS² Collections improves management of past-due accounts and reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) to accelerate cash flow by automating the handling of receivables, disputes and deductions in a professional and efficient way! FS² Collections increases staff efficiency by at least 30% by reducing repetitive activities and making time available for higher value activities. Reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) are reduced by minimum 10%, bad debt write-offs nearly eliminated.


FS² Cash Liquidity

Clever Liquidity Management

FS² CashLiquidity uniquely combines cash, liquidity and treasury management in one centralized platform. It is designed for CFOs, Treasurers, Financial Controllers, or Cash, Liquidity, Cash Forecasting, or Funding Professional – to deliver instant global liquidity information for your domestic and international finance operations. It is the leading solution available on today’s market that fully integrates into your SAP ERP setting and delivers the customary view of a treasurer.


FS² Treasury

Innovative Treasury Management

FS² Treasury is an impressive, commanding robust treasury management solution that puts your treasury teams in control with powerful business intelligence tools; including transparent real-time information from your SAP environment to enable your organization for perceptive, clever and wise business decisions to stay ahead of industry curves.

Take advantage of a holistic integration with FS² Treasury fully embedded in SAP, which can also allow the incorporation of non-SAP subsidiaries.  You can utilize your SAP data, including multiple SAP systems, additional information from various ERP systems and other sources. This seamless incorporation of your data is presented with expedient drill-down functionality and vibrant graphics on dashboards configured by you and your end users.

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